Lessons of Gospel Grace from the Good Samaritan
December 6, 2015

Lessons of Gospel Grace from the Good Samaritan

Passage: Luke 10:25-37

To love God perfectly, and to love your neighbour perfectly is a great commandment and it's the direct answer Jesus gives to the religious lawyer trying to trap Jesus. “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” The whole point of the parable of the Good Samaritan is: You can't do it. That's why I'm going to die. I'm going to die in your place so that you believe on Me and inherit eternal life.

In this parable, Jesus is teaching us that to inherit eternal life requires a life of perfection. But the problem is no human being except one has ever lived a perfect life.

You are a sinner and you need a Saviour.

Let those words sink in. Let them be on your heart. Not just any saviour but rather we need the Saviour; we need JESUS who will save us from our sins. In fact if you do not realise, seriously, that you are a sinner, then there is little hope of your being saved from your sins. Only those who realise that they are sick will seek the help of the physician (Luke 5:31-32). Once you become aware of the truthfulness of this fact then you are in a position to embrace the most profound truth in the universe, namely, the gospel of God. For it is the gospel of God that tells those who know they need a Saviour that in fact they have one! And they have one because God Himself provided Him. In fact, God provided Himself as the Saviour, as the Scripture clearly testify (see 1 Timothy 2:3; 4:10; Titus 1:3; 2:10; 3:4).

But let me clarify that this realization is not only vital for the unbeliever but rather it is absolutely essential for the Christian as well. Yes believer, you are a sinner and you need the Saviour. You needed the Saviour and by God’s grace you found Him. But now that you have been justified you need the Saviour to be sanctified. You need Him daily in your battle to overcome sin. Praise God that you have the Saviour who continues to save you from your sins.

One of the ugly sinful realities that Jesus identifies in this lawyers heart (as well as yours and mine) is the sin of  prejudice/racism. Jesus tells us plainly who our neighbour is, anyone who I know is in need and it is within my power to help them. For Jesus it does not matter if the person is from is different race or culture, male or female, servant or master, it makes no difference.

We are not immune to the sin of racism. Here in India we have our OBC, BC, ST, SC, General, Shudras, Vaishvas, Kshatriya, Brahmans....over 3000 castes and 25000 sub-castes. Let’s not make excuses for our sin. How are you doing with that? Are we abiding perfectly in Christ?

Sin has always been our biggest problem. But Christ is our greatest hope. And Christmas is the greatest reminder of the gospel assurance of complete victory (the glorious truth of the Incarnation). …   We are assured from God’s Word that Jesus will save His people from their sins (Mt.1:21). Not only will He save us from the penalty of our sins but He saves us from the power of our sins. This verse offers wonderful encouragement to the Christian that Jesus Christ our Lord is our Saviour who will continue to save us from our sins…look with great confidence to Jesus Christ as the One who alone can save us.

Discussion Questions –        

“It is not enough to speak of the things of God, and to enquire about them, but we must do it with a suitable concern.”  - Matthew Henry                                                               

  1. The Question to Jesus (10:25)
  • Where else is this questioned ask in the New Testament?
  • What is wrong with this man’s question?
  1. Jesus’ Answer to the Question (10:26)
  • What is the answer Jesus gives?
  • Which verses do you know that talk about the authority of scripture?
  1. The Answer Explained (10:27-37)
  • What is significant (and repeated) in Jesus answer in v.28 & v.37?
  • Which of the 10 commandments talk about our relationship with God and which talk about our relationship with man?
  • Why does Jesus go to the law to answer this man’s question?
  • How does Matthew 1:21, “The Promise of Christmas” speak into the parable of the good Samaritan?

Share some of your own lessons learnt from this passage of scripture…………….

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